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The project

NovaFAST is working towards it’s first goal of competing in the iLumen European Solar Challenge. The team currently mostly consists of members of the Electric Drive Minor of Fontys Hogescholen. This group of students will be working on the project from the beginning of February until mid July 2022.

The main goal of this group of students is to compete in the 2022 iLumen European Solar Challenge. If it turns out that this goal is impossible to achieve within this small timeframe, the team will focus on delivering excellent components that can compete in the iLumen Solar Challenge next edition. 

The previous Electric Drive Minor group has already developed a chassis last year. In addition to this chassis, a front suspension has also been developed. These components are perfect for testing of various other components that will be produced this year, like the drive train or the battery placement. 

In the first weeks the team has been divided in small groups that will each work on a different work package of the car, such as the driveline, the power storage or the new chassis. These small groups will make an inventory of what has already been developed for these work packages in recent years. Subsequently, these groups will also look at what is needed within the specific work package to participate in the iLumen Solar Challenge. When each group has made up their requirements the groups will be rearranged for the optimal workflow. After these first weeks the development of the new NovaFAST solar car will start.

Visiting address

Automotive Campus 45
5708 JZ, Helmond
The Netherlands