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A new Solar Racing Team within Fontys, NOVAFAST.

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You might have heard of it once or twice, the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. Twelve
Fontys students of different Engineering disciplines have started a student team to compete
in this challenge. The participating students have first started the project during the
Automotive Minor Electric Drive and are very enthusiastic to take the project out of school
activities and get out into the world as the student team NOVAFAST.
You can be part of this team in a couple of ways. For example, by following the Automotive
minor ‘Electric Drive’ or the Mechatronics Minor ‘Smart Product Development and Additive
Manufacturing’ and accepting a project commissioned by NOVAFAST. There can also be
numerous other ways to join the team. I you are interested you can send an email to
You can also follow us on Instagram and linkedin if you are interested in our project

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