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About NovaFAST

We are NovaFAST, a multidisciplinary student team consisting of ambitious students from Fontys University of Applied Sciences. Our goal is to make zero emission mobility possible but changing the world is a challenging task. We want to start a new movement towards zero emission mobility. Our vehicle is a showcase to the industry of what is possible. We believe that the way we design and make our products today shapes the world we will inhabit tomorrow. Keeping this in mind while developing our vehicle will result in new innovations and solutions for a sustainable future in mobility. We will realize our goal following 4 core values while developing our vehicle.

NovaFAST is part of a Fontys Minor. So each year new groups participate in the NovaFAST family. 

Material Choice

The world doesn’t have infinite resources. By looking at the complete life cycle of a material or product, the impact on the climate can be assessed. Using components from other products will create a purpose for what would otherwise have been waste.

Modular Design

Making a modular design of the vehicle allows us to use components from other products or give products a second purpose. More standardized parts would allow for interchangeable components without taking away competitions between brands. An example would be standardized dimensions for certain components allowing it to be swapped between vehicles. 


Do we really need ventilated seats and electric windows in a car? Cars from the 80’s were not bad but compared to a modern car it is. Nowadays cars are packed with gadgets and options. The consumer has gotten used to all the gadgets. Electronics and chips are needed for these systems to operate. With the current situation in the world, we have seen what impact the chip shortage has on the automotive industry. We believe that a simpler vehicle with less options can be just as good as a vehicle packed with gadget. Resulting in a vehicle that needs less components thus having a smaller impact on the environment.

Offset Carbon Emissions

We strive towards zero carbon emission vehicle. However, some components right now cannot be made without emitting carbon emissions. What we can do right now is to offset these emissions. it doesn’t matter where we do this for the planet’s atmosphere. Carbon emission offset is done by investing in renewable energies, production technologies and C02 storage. The emissions are analysed per component and then offset according to a recognized certificate.  

To highlight our innovation, we will be participating with our vehicle in the iLumen European Solar Challenge 2024. For this year 25% of the car will be made carbon neutral. In the roadmap shown below is our ambition for the coming years. Now is the time for change. 

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Roadmap NovaFAST until 2025

Our Family

Dragon 1 is our first vehicle presented in May 2022, it is made by the 2022 team. This vehicle is fully designed for subsystem testing. Testing different systems is important for optimizing solar cars, because efficiency is key. Subsystems such as batteries or solar panels can be applied to this car. These systems can then be tested by driving Dragon 1 in different conditions. All the data processors from this car can be easily read out, so that the team can quickly collect a lot of data.

Dragon 2 is our second and current vehicle, which has been started on by the 2023 team and is further developed by the 2024 team. The vehicle is currently operational and drove a couple of laps around the midland circuit in Lelystad last summer. This car will compete in the Ilumen European solar challenge in Zolder. This race will take place on the 21st and the 22nd of september in 2024. This car will also be further developed so that it will adhere to the road regulations so that it will be allowed to drive on the public roads.

Visiting address

Automotive Campus 45
5708 JZ, Helmond
The Netherlands

KVK-number: 86572601
VAT-number: NL864010266B01