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Meet Team 2024

Meet the members of  NovaFast 2024, we’re a team of 10 new and enthousiastic members to continue developing the car which the previous teams have developed until now.

Just like our previous teams we are students from Fontys University of Applied Sciences. our team consists of different studies; Automotive Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics.

Kevin Smit

Mechanical Engineering

Joost Willems


Luka Ivanisevic

Mechanical Engineering

Bram Selten


Jarno Albers

Mechanical Engineering

Luuk Zagers

Automotive Engineering

Mark Bliek

Automotive Engineering

Keonne Marsera

Automotive Engineering

Thomas Schepper

Automotive Engineering

Niels Franssen

Automotive Engineering

Meet Team 2023

Meet the members of NovaFAST 2023, a team of 8 new members.This team continues where the previous team ended.

Just like team 2022 we are students from Fontys University of Applied Sciences. We have a good mix of different studies; Automotive Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Mechatronics.

Niels Lenaers

Electric Engineering

Hans Demollin

Automotive Engineering

Niek Bonefaas

Automotive Engineering

Daan van Kerkhoff

Mechanical Engineering

Sjors Cuppen

Automotive Engineering

Kasper Walraven

Mechatronics Engineering

Jurre Schepers

Mechatronics Engineering

Tim Ploegmakers

Mechanical Engineering

Meet Team 2022

Meet the members of NovaFAST 2022, a team of 19 enthusiastic and ambitious students from Fontys University of Applied Sciences. Our members are following one of the following studies; Automotive Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Mechantronics.

Oskar Kolman

Team Manager - Mechanical Engineering

Wouter Kuijpers

Project Manager - Mechanical Engineering

Harm Spanjers

Public Relations Manager - Mechanical Engineering

Nicolaas van der Waart

Finance Manager - Mechatronics Engineer

Teun van der Gaarden

Quality Manager - Mechatronics

Lars van Ieperen

Chief Engineer Solar Cells - Automotive Engineering

Alex Speetjens

Chief Engineer Chassis - Automotive Engineering

René Wauben

Chief Engineer Suspension - Automotive Engineering

Matijs van Kempen

Chief Engineer Drivetrain - Mechatronics

Bram van Leuveren

Chief Engineer Aerodynamics - Mechanical Engineering

Rick Aarts

Automotive Engineering

Bjorn Duisters

Automotive Engineering

Sven Giesbers

Automotive Engineering

Gijs van Niftrik

Automotive Engineering

Luuk Philipsen

Automotive Engineering

Dustin van Summeren

Automotive Engineering

Lars Goyvaerts

Mechanical Engineering

Brian Bastiaens


As co-founder of NovaFAST, I am responsible for getting the student team started. The role I had as Team Captain is to connect NovaFAST with different studies within Fontys, keep an overview of all assignments that are done, recruit new members, in short create continuity for the team. With these efforts we now have a good basis on which to build the team. Furthermore, Automotive Engineering is really my profession and I enjoy helping in all the projects that are currently going on for NovaFAST.

Jelle De Kort


As an advisor and former member of NovaFAST, I advise the current team as needed, building on the knowledge I gained during my tenure at NovaFAST. This knowledge includes working in a project environment, working in small teams, and bringing the whole project together to integrate into a vehicle. Furthermore, I support the existing team by staying in touch with InSumma Innovation, one of our suppliers.
I couldn’t think of a better project to integrate my knowledge as the owner of an electric car powered mainly by solar power and an automotive engineer.

Visiting address

Automotive Campus 45
5708 JZ, Helmond
The Netherlands

KVK-number: 86572601
VAT-number: NL864010266B01