Meteen naar de inhoud
design for the car

Team NovaFast is a student team consisting of students from 3 different backgrounds, namely Mechatronics, Mechanical engineering and Automotive engineering. As a team we are excited to see what we can accomplish and how efficient we can make this car. We are excited to show the world how far the technology has already come. We also all love car racing and would love to show what we can achieve in an actual race with our own car.

This year in september we will already compete in the Ilumen European solar challenge in Zolder. In this race we’ll need to make a car which will be able to drive for 24 hours. In this race you’ll need to save as much energy as possible while driving as many laps as possible in 24 hours. In order to save as much energy as possible solar panels will be used to extract energy from the sun. Regenerative braking will also be used so that we can even can get some energy back while braking or coasting the car. The design of the body will be made as aerodynamically as possible so that we don’t lose too much energy on air resistance. the driveline will be optimised so that we have as few mechanical losses as possible while we still want to be able to drive as quick as possible.

The second goal we have set for ourselves is to make this car road legal. To achieve this we need to adhere to different regulations that the regulations for the race. We think this is important to do so we will be able to show the general public what our technology is capable of and how we can put this to use in our daily life. 

On the right you can see our car in its former iteration. This car was already able to drive on its own with a functioning body around it. Although this body wasn’t efficient enough and the driveline still had a lot of work needed to be done this car was already a huge step in the right direction.